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How does evaporative condenser work?

Evaporative condenser is to condense high-temperature steam from the upper inlet of the heat exchange coil into the coil, high-temperature steam in the heat exchange coil to release heat and cool itself after phase change condensation into liquid. The spray water forms a layer of uniform water film outside the heat exchange coil. The water film absorbs the heat released by the hot steam in the coil and evaporates. The heat in the coil is taken away by the fan.When the temperature of condensed steam medium is higher than 80 ℃, the spray water forms scale outside the heat exchange coil, which seriously affects the heat exchange effect and service life. Our company has designed a new type of evaporative condenser. Its working principle is that the high temperature steam is cooled to below 65 ℃ by air cooling through finned tube precooler, and then enters the condensing coil for evaporation and condensation. Adding precooler can effectively solve the scaling problem. (from Jiangsu Shilin Boer refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd.)
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