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On September 7, the Taizhou "entrepreneurship and innovation plan" investigation team visited our company to conduct on-the-spot inspection and acceptance of Taizhou "entrepreneurship and innovation plan" - innovative talents application submitted by our company in May this year.In May this year, on the recommendation of the Management Committee of Huangqiao Industrial Park, our company applied for Taizhou's "entrepreneurship and innovation plan" - innovative talents plan. In August, our company successfully passed the preliminary examination and technical evaluation, and entered the field investigation and evaluation stage. "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program" is a high-level talent introduction program launched by Jiangsu provincial Party committee and government since 2007. For the talents selected in "innovation and Entrepreneurship Program", the government will give some financial support to enterprises. This year, Jiangsu province continues to increase the introduction of high-level innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent teams.


At the inspection meeting, Xu Yusong, deputy general manager of the company, and Tang Xing, manager of the technology department, introduced the company's founding history, strategic planning for introducing talents, policy support, specific measures and achievements in recent years. Prof. Wang Ke introduced the basic situation of himself and his team, the advanced technology of scientific research achievements, the goals and plans for the work to come to the Soviet Union, the market prospect of the cooperative projects, and the economic and social benefits brought by the project products. Through on-the-spot investigation and on-the-spot communication, we will show the innovative and open corporate image of slinbore, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the investigation team, and treat the entrepreneurship and innovation projects as the most important work, carefully and to the extreme!
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