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Geng Yuanjin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of the Party committee of Huangqiao Town, went to shilinbore, Jiangsu Province to carry out spe

With the coming of national day, the safety alarm should be sounded all the time. On the morning of September 29, Geng Yuanjin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Taixing Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of Huangqiao town Party committee, led the person in charge of the safety department of Huangqiao town park to visit shilinbore, Jiangsu Province, to carry out special supervision on pre Festival safety production.


First, accompanied by general manager Wu Fenglei, the leaders visited the production workshop of Jiangsu Shilin bor refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. Then, general manager Wu Fenglei introduced the company's current development scale and business status, the main products, production process and safety hazard investigation.


Secretary Geng pointed out that enterprises should fully realize the importance of work safety, strictly implement the main responsibility of work safety, attach importance to the training of work safety personnel, and improve the safety awareness and professional quality of front-line employees. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the awareness of environmental safety prevention, regularly carry out the investigation of potential environmental safety hazards, and vigorously create a good atmosphere of "caring for life and paying attention to safety".


All leaders stressed that it is necessary to further raise awareness, tighten the string of safety production, strictly implement various safety work measures, fully implement the enterprise safety production responsibility system and the allocation of fire-fighting facilities and equipment, put forward on-site rectification suggestions for the problems existing in the inspection, and formulate detailed duty table and emergency plan to ensure the safety of the festival.


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