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Jiangsu Shilin Boer won the qualification of manufacturing special equipment for stationary pressure vessel

Jiangsu Shilin Boer, April 17, 2018 good news: Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau officially issued the manufacturing license qualification certificate of special equipment for fixed pressure vessels to our company, which indicates that our company has the manufacturing capacity of class I pressure vessels, class II low and medium pressure vessels and class D pressure vessel manufacturing license qualification, which is of great significance for expanding equipment manufacturing business and developing new markets in the future It is of great significance.At the end of 2017, in order to ensure the smooth progress of pressure vessel qualification evaluation, our company set up a forensics team led by the quality inspection department, according to TSG z0004-2007 Basic requirements for quality assurance system of manufacturing, installation, transformation and maintenance of special equipment, pressure vessel quality assurance manual and relevant quality assurance documents were prepared, and application for manufacturing license of special equipment was submitted to Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau.From March 15 to 17, 2018, entrusted by Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau, three experts formed a review team to review the pressure vessel manufacturing forensics.During the review period, the review team inspected the site, equipment and facilities involved in the production of pressure vessels, carefully reviewed the corresponding qualification documents, and carefully reviewed the finished drawings, product quality certificates, materials, welding, inspection and other data of the two pressure vessels.After strict review, the review group fully affirmed the pressure vessel manufacturing capacity and quality assurance level of Jiangsu silinbore, and believed that the quality assurance system of Jiangsu silinbore pressure vessel was sound and operated normally, and it had the resource conditions for pressure vessel manufacturing license; the safety and quality of the products met the requirements of TSG 21-2016 China's current safety technical regulations such as "Supervision Regulation on safety technology of stationary pressure vessels" and the manufacturing specifications and standards adopted meet the requirements of pressure vessel manufacturing license.At the same time, the review group put forward several written rectification requirements to our company in the form of "pressure vessel manufacturing review memorandum". After the meeting, in view of the existing problems, our company closely organized relevant personnel to study and formulate rectification measures, implemented them to the person in charge of the responsible department, and completed all the rectification work in late March.
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