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Working principle of evaporative condenser

Evaporative condenser uses the spray water department outside the coil to absorb the heat of the high temperature gaseous refrigerant in the evaporative condenser inside the coil, so that the refrigerant in the pipe is gradually cooled from the gaseous state to the liquid state. Evaporative condenser bucket pole refrigeration evaporative condenser is composed of cooling pipe group, packing, water shower, axial flow fan, water collecting tank, water pump, water collector, box and other components.Evaporative condenser is an important heat exchange equipment in refrigeration system. Its working principle is: the superheated and high-pressure refrigerant gas squeezed by compressor in refrigeration system passes through the condensing discharge pipe in evaporative condenser, so that the high-temperature gaseous refrigerant can exchange heat with the spray water and air outside the discharge pipe. That is to say, the gaseous refrigerant is gradually condensed into liquid refrigerant from top to bottom after entering the exhaust pipe from the upper port.
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